7 Traits of the organized person



Studies have shown that 80 percent of people believe that being an organized person:

  1. improves their performance
  2. reduces stress, and
  3. reduces waste.

While some people believe that they were born “disorganized”, that is not true. There is no “organizing gene”. Therefore, the good news is that you can become an organized person.

Here I share with you common traits of the highly organized person:

1. Goal setting. Goal setting is the process of thinking before acting. Therefore, consider the process before take steps.

2. To-do lists. They use the to-do lists as their primary source of organization. They make sure that their tasks are written down in one place so they don’t forget important steps. By doing this they reduce stress.

3. They prioritize. It is not good enough to write your tasks on a list, you must prioritize the list. They focus on the tasks that will help them reach their desired outcomes/goals. They purposely postpone whatever that can be done sometime later. Those people who practice good organization are aware that the most valuable tasks they have are those in which they have to focus their attention first.

4. Avoid clutter. Clutter doesn’t arise out of nothing. Clutter will affect your mindset; how we feel about your home, workplace, and yourself. Clutter leads to feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and overwhelmed.

5. They take breaks. Being organized leads to higher efficiency, which allows them to have time to relax and enjoy their family, and get out of the day-to-day routines. By taking breaks on a daily and weekly basis, it allows them to refresh and come back with renewed energy and mind.

6. Simple lives. They get rid off unnecessary meetings, too many meeting on a day, over-committing, they look for the most efficient way to get their tasks finished.

7. Keep a calendar. A calendar will help you visualize the goals you have set on a daily basis. It will help you set realistic time frame for your meetings and tasks and avoid cramming yourself into a “busy/hectic day”.

You can become more organized in your personal and business life. Adopting the tips above will drastically improve your life and your efficiency will increase which will lead you to increase productivity, higher profitability and the ability to enjoy your life stress-free.

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