Achieve goals


All throughout your life, I am sure that you have been pondering about something that you genuinely wish to achieve. Have you ever started working on a short-term goal and found yourself confused on what you are going to focus? If yes and you are like most people, most likely the end result was not as originally expected. When this happens most people are left with a feeling of unfulfillment and wishing that more effort was dedicated to obtain their desired goal.

The main reason this maybe happening to you is that you simply shifted your focus for the other things that interests you at the time as opposed to the goal that originally had. The following are some pointers for you to avoid this from happening. These tips will help you focus on your objective and prevent distractions that will derail you from your ultimate goal.

Here are four tips to help you achieve your goals:


1. Understand your why. Ask yourself, why do I need to focus? For example, do you want to work from home? Understanding the reason why you must focus will help push through and battle distractions.

2. Focus on 2 to 3 high value tasks. One of the main reasons people fail at attaining their objectives is that they try to swallow a whole cow in one bite. Since you know that is not possible you will give up and focus your attention on something else that seems more attainable. However, if you portion the cow in manageable portion you will consume the cow. If your objective has twenty tasks, focus on two or three high yield tasks.

3. Write them down. List your goals with reference to your daily schedule. They will function as timely reminders available for you and will allow you to be more consistent in attaining your goals. With today’s technology, you can also keep these things in your devices.

4. Evaluate your progress. Take a moment every day to evaluate your progress towards your objective(s). This will help you stay focused, motivated and make necessary adjustments as needed. When you do your daily evaluation and you see something that is not working, you can correct it before it is too late and costly.