Why Worry?

People for the most part are infested by the “worry bug”. This worry bug does not allow them to properly think nor function. Worries fill their hearts with negative thoughts which leads them to stress.

Focus on Your Long-Term Goals

  Many individuals don’t accomplish their long-term goals primarily because their interest simply wanes eventually. Their focus shifts and their enthusiasm fades away as other more urgent issues presents themselves in our lives. Long-term goals often become either less important or unrealistic over the years. Eventually, our long-term goals become a distant dream in our …

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7 Traits of the organized person

  Studies have shown that 80 percent of people believe that being an organized person: improves their performance reduces stress, and reduces waste. While some people believe that they were born “disorganized”, that is not true. There is no “organizing gene”. Therefore, the good news is that you can become an organized person.