Is everybody’s work equally valuable and important? How can you tell the difference? I respect all humans who behave consistently with being created in the image of God, but do I respect all career choices, occupations, and professions equally? No, of course not, and neither do you. There are several key things to bear in mind when choosing a career path. What attributes does sprinter Usain Bolt share with an oil rig worker and a dentist? What does a professor of race and gender studies share with a graffiti artist? A surprising number of people think that the moon landing in 1969 was a hoax, but what actual benefits did it yield? Do you know what a black hole is? Do you care? Do you know what a dental implant is? Do you care? Most things you care about came about because of microscopes, not telescopes. Why do you probably respect mechanics and musicians more than astrophysicists and artists? Lastly, you should be finding your connection to God through an ear rather than through a galaxy.

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