“Your time is way too valuable to be wasting on people that can’t accept who you are.”
― Turcois Ominek


As you may know, time is a non-renewable resource and entrepreneurs, you and everyone you work with are busier than ever. As entrepreneurs, you must learn to gain allies (employees, vendors, customers, joint-venture partners, etc).

The best way to alienate your business partners is to make them feel as if you’re wasting their time.


Here’s five examples you must avoid, so you can build strong business relationships:

1. Misrepresenting the reason for the meeting – This is the famous “switcheroo” – you called for a meeting and stated a reason (i.e. “to discuss a business deal”), but the real reason is to obtain free advice. If you want advice or a favor, be mature enough to be upfront about that.

2. Being unprepared for the meeting – Finally you are at the meeting but you left your brain in the dumpster. Don’t skimp on your preparation if you want to have another meeting. Spend sometime to know your prospect’s business and practice your presentation so it is fluid. Avoid having long boring presentations. It is better to have a short and powerful presentation – BAM! And leave them salivating for more.

3. Dropping by – Just because your friend works from home, doesn’t mean that he/she is not working. While an unexpected visit might be welcomed by a friend, “dropping by” during business hours without an appointment will seriously interrupt their productivity. If you have a business proposition, call and set up an appointment and state the reason for the visit.

4. Endless communication – If your acquaintance has specifically told you not to call, then it makes sense to email them instead. However, avoid the madness of endless email exchanges. If you need to set up a meeting, be precise, avoid an exchange of emails as if you were having a phone call. Avoid the madness, and pick up the phone; you can discuss each other’s calendars in real time and end the madness in less than three minutes. The same rule applies for the annoying exchange of text messages.

5. Creating false deadlines – Respect the time of your team and business partners. You may want to impress your competition by promising unrealistic delivery time. However, this may blow up on your face if you don’t deliver by the established time. Remember, just because you can bark orders does not make you a leader. Be truthful to your clients about the delivery or risk the chance of losing their confidence and potential long-term business.


Wasting other people’s time should be punishable with at least a year jail sentence. What do you think?


Be different and avoid being known as a time waster. If you follow the tips provided here you increase your chances to be welcomed every time.