How to earn $175/month with credit cards (Tax-Free!)

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earn cashback with credit cards

We had a reader, one of our readers, one of our really smart readers reached out and sent me an email of how she generates $175 a month using her credit cards. She earns less than $500 a month at her job and she earns a third of that from just credit cards, how she uses her credit cards. We’ve talked about basically how we use one or two different Chase credit cards because I like to keep things super simple, but when I hear stuff like this it’s just fascinating to me because if you do want to spend some more energy on this and have multiple cards and be a bit more strategic, there’s a lot of potential there. Yeah, we’re going to kind of dissect her strategy here for you and show what’s going on.

Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card

Okay. Groceries, using the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card, you get 6% back at grocery stores and up to $6,000 in purchases per year.6% is a lot. I wish there was no limit here, but 6% back is really good.

There’s one thing you should be aware of with the Amex card. There is an annual fee on this one. But, the reader says the rewards at 6% more than covers the annual fee. A good bit beyond I would think.

Capital One Savor Card

The next one is the Capital One Savor Card. When they dine out she uses this credit card. They get back 4% at restaurants. So if you eat out a lot, this would be a good card for you to earn cash back with

Chase Amazon Rewards Card

Amazon. When shopping on Amazon, she gets 5% back on all her purchases at Amazon. Can you imagine how much money you would have if you got 5% back on Amazon purchases? That is using the Chase Amazon Rewards Card.

And if you shop through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, with this card you get an additional 5% savings. Even if you don’t get this credit card you can save a good amount of money with the Subscribe and Save program.

Citibank Costco Card

The next one is the Citibank Costco Card. She saves extra at Costco and on Costco gasoline. She earns 4% on gas. Our reader says that cashed earned back pays for her membership per year.

Costco is another thing that we don’t use because of convenience. But, I think there’s a lot of money to save at Costco if you can buy in bulk, smart. That is if you can not buy extra stuff, but buy the things that you’re actually going to use. I think there’s a big win there for a lot of people.

Citibank Double Cash Card

Citibank Double Cash Card earns 2% back on all purchases. Okay, which is great. This is one of the … I think it’s the highest cashback rate that I’m aware of. If you are specifically looking for cash back, that’s what I like about this card.

Chase Credit Cards

We use this Chase Freedom Unlimited as kind of our primary card right now. We’ve used the Sapphire Preferred a lot. The Chase cards give you Ultimate Rewards points. What I like about Chase is if you’re using Hyatt hotels, and we talked about this in this other video, I’ll have it linked here, how we travel for free, but it uses Ultimate Rewards points. If you’re using Ultimate Rewards points, they go so much further at Southwest and at Hyatt hotels, and you can get a whole lot more value than just 2% cash back. If you’re willing to do that on travel, you can still get cash back with them, but it’s only like 1.5%, but that’s just not the best way to spend them.

Huntington Voice Card

She gets 3% back on her utility payments by using the Huntington Voice Card. That’s amazing being able to do that on utilities.

She can earn this 3% back because you get to pick a category. It’s one of those rotating category cards where you can pick which category you can earn cash back on. I’m also seeing here that certain credit cards you can pick whatever category you want to get a discount on.

Many cards will say on dining you can get 5% back, or on gas you can get 5%. So you can choose whatever one you want. It’s a rotating one or you pick. They give you that option, which is kind of cool.

Melaleuca Visa

The last credit card that she uses is the Melaleuca Visa. To be honest, I don’t know what Melaleuca is. It looks like it might be like Young Living or something like that where they have health products. There’s a whole bunch of products and stuff like that.

What’s good about this card is that our reader gets 6% back there. And then also 4% back on product purchases when dining out. When she eats out, 4% of that goes towards her next purchase.

I think the good point of this maybe is just that someplace where you can become a member and kind of work that system a little bit. Costco falls under the same category. She is a numbers nerd like me and added all this up and concluded that ultimately she’s earning $175 in tax-free income doing this, which is really, really cool!

Now, obviously you do have to spend money to get these cashback rewards. But, the point is, is that if you’re not spending extra money you have to pay your utility bill every month.

You also have to buy food every month. If you’re doing this, it’s like we’re not spending extra money on our credit cards to get the rewards, but we’re going to spend the money anyway so we might as well get the rewards.

Carrying Credit Card Balances

Now, the caveat here that I always want to give any time I’m talking about credit cards, every single time you hear me talking about credit cards I’ll say this, is that there’s no benefit to this if you’re carrying a balance. You have to be a person who is paying off your balance every single month, otherwise, this is just a complete waste of your time, because those interest charges are going to quickly offset any benefit that you’re going to get.

If you aren’t a person who pays off your balance every single month, then just skip using credit cards to earn cashback rewards. It will not be worth it. Get focused on your budget instead.

Focus On Your Budget

Focus on getting your budget really solid and just getting out of debt to a point where you can pay your credit cards off every single month. Then once you’re solid, then you can explore earning cashback with credit cards.

Anyway, I just thought this cashback earning strategy was a really cool idea and wanted to share with you, because I know some of you money nerds out there are like us who might get a kick out of this.

That’s it for now. If you have any cashback credit cards that we haven’t discussed, let us know in the comments below!

Be blessed. Be a blessing!

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