Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Fill your life with stories to tell, not stuff to show.

The simplicity/minimalism movement is a beautiful community. And I enjoy any opportunity to promote writing that encourages people to live more by owning less.

So fix yourself a nice warm cup of coffee or tea. Find a quiet moment this weekend. And enjoy some encouraging words to inspire more simplicity in your life today.

Too Nice for the Likes of Us: Why Buying Fancy Stuff Makes Us Miserable | The Guardian by Adrienne Matei. Luxury purchases should make us feel like a million bucks but impostor syndrome is at work even while we’re shopping

Enough | pjrvs by Paul Jarvis. Exterior mindfulness (some call it minimalism) only works when we solve for enough.

Most of Your Stuff Is Worthless :: 3 Things You Should Be Doing NOW to Reduce What You Own | Dallas Moms Collective by Siobhan Kratovil. Most of the stuff in your house is worthless. Yes, even the stuff you worry the most about, the stuff you think is so good you don’t use it for fear of breaking it, has little to no resale value. 

Minimalist Fashion | The Minimalists. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus chat with Courtney Carver about her new book: Project 333.

Simple Living. The Earlier, the Better. | Joshua Becker on YouTube

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