Mental Health: Taking Care of Thoughts


One of the biggest test we face as entrepreneurs is the constant attacks that challenges our mental health. As I have said before, to increase your chances of success you must care for your  greatest asset; your mind. If you learn to unleash your full potential, then you are ready to take full advantage of the blessings that will be presented to you.

A strong mind will achieve more than you think. A healthy mind can conquer physical, social, environmental and financial obstacles. Once we free up our minds from the bondage of fears and limiting believes, then and only then we can unleash the talents that were given to us at birth. Therefore, taking care of your mental health is an important factor in having an ideal life. Every single day, we find ourselves in situations that are mentally stressing and draining, be it tension, anxiety, or worries from the workplace, finances or home. Many business owners will find themselves on the verge of depression, which does not in any way lead to you attaining that kind of life that you want. As such, it is important that you pay close attention to your emotional health, since not doing it will cause a myriad of problems.

If you find yourself right now buried in emotional instability in your life, I share with you some tips to help you get back in your feet again.

1. Do things that will impact others positively. When you do something worthy for others, it helps you to fully feel useful. This feeling is not only good to have, but it will help you find meaning in your life in doing good service towards other people.

2. Practice self-discipline. One of the most important values that you can learn in life is Discipline. Without it you will not be able to control yourself and therefore augment the chances of you accomplishing something that you will soon regret. Developing self-discipline can be really be daunting to some, but it is not unattainable.

3. Learn different skills. Doing so helps to make you feel confident of yourself. For every victory that you accomplish, you are systematically raising yourself up, which in turn helps you feel more satisfied about being you.

4. Enjoy the wonders of nature. We have an amazing Creator. The beauty of nature is simply outstanding. So take a moment and try to chill out your troubled mind by taking a walk in the park, or taking your family for a weekend outing. I will guarantee that it will do wonders to your mind and soul.

5. Master your stress. Stress is the primary adversary of a virtuous mind. Recognize your stress points and address then now with the goal of getting rid of them completely. The first step is to limit your exposure to  them. This helps to make sure that your mind is stress free.

6. Limit unhealthy practices like worrying. Worrying is one factor that causes wrinkles to form in one’s forehead. Not a good look for you. So stop worrying about needless things. If they are important, then do something about them instead of just worrying. Worrying won’t fix the problem.


7. Engage in things that encourage you. Do something creative for yourself. It really doesn’t matter if nobody else can value them, as long as you could. Stop worrying about if people don’t appreciate your work, since they just add to your stress levels.

8. Battle negative thinking. Do away with destructive thinking and concentrate on the positive ones. Troubling your mind with negative thoughts do not do you any good, and rather builds up more stress.

9. Avoid the perfectionist syndrome. We are humans and (like it or not) we make blunders. Sometime we say things or do things that we did not want to say or do. What defines you is not the mistakes, is what you do after the mistakes.

10. It is not always an all-or-nothing situation. Just because you made seven perfect widgets and burned number eight doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Again, remember that you are human and that you have certain limitations. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, the key is what are you going to after. Embrace the mistakes, they are packed with lessons for us. If you take a moment and uncover the lessons within the mistakes you will rise above the majority of entrepreneurs who continue to allow themselves to be haunted by the ghost of past mistakes.

11. Don’t overgeneralize. Don’t think that because you can’t make flawless widgets now means that you can’t make perfect ones in the future. Bear in mind that every day is a new learning experience, and that what holds true yesterday doesn’t always hold true today.

12. Stop jumping to conclusions. One of the biggest mistakes that haunts most of humanity, the habit of casual judgement. For example, when mistakenly think that they can’t execute a task without even making the effort. It reminds me of children when they say “I don’t like broccoli” when they haven’t tried it. This negative behavior will hold you back from trying, and possibly attaining something that you can be pleased with.

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