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This 45 page ebook is packed with valuable information that will save hundreds of dollars in the preparation of your business plan. Even if you are not preparing a business plan, this ebook will help you in your general business planning activities.

The main reason businesses fail is due to poor planning and lack of funding. This ebook will help you address these two areas. Even if you are not preparing a business plan right now the information inside will help you in other areas of you business right now.

What is inside this valuable ebook?

  • powerful outline for your business plan that will get your banker or investor to read it.
  • how to establish clear and concise mission and vision statements.
  • how to enhance the financial plan section to support investment request and be aligned with the rest of your business plan.
  • tips on market and competition analysis
  • how to develop a laser focused marketing strategy.
  • ten tips on how to grow your your business under any market condition.
  • ten reasons why business plans don't get funded.
  • and more


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