“No one is perfect, that is why pencils have erasers” Unknown Author

Perfectionism is a thief, that sneaks into your projects to steal your valuable time. To increase your efficiency and become more productive you must spot this robber, before it gets a hold of you. While being a perfectionist can be viewed as a positive trait, in its roots, perfectionism has a destructive nature. Because of this you must learn how to master it, before perfectionism destroys you. Perfectionism is not the desire to do your projects right. We all should strive to do our projects correctly. The danger lies when perfectionism gets a hold of you and paralyzes you and fills you with fear.

Do you feel like what you accomplish is never quite good enough?

Do you often put off delivering a project, waiting to get them “just right”?

If so, rather than simply working toward success, you may in fact be trying to be perfect.

What is perfectionism?


Perfectionism refers to the self-defeating behaviors associated with high and unrealistic goals. Perfectionism is often mistakenly seen as desirable or even necessary for success. However, in reality it does the opposite and can ruin your business and your life. Perfectionist attitudes will deny you a sense of satisfaction and cause you to achieve far less than people with more realistic goals. As a perfectionist you are not satisfied with your projects and if you ever launch it you will find all sorts of flaws which will prevent you from savoring your accomplishment(s). Instead you torment yourself with the “flaws” and fears, which will imprison you and will hold you captive until you learn to conquer the fear of launching your project.


What are some of the causes?


Perfectionists assume that their identity is mainly valued by their achievements. Therefore, they learn to value themselves only on the basis of other people`s approval. This will cause your self-esteem be controlled by external standards, which leaves you shackled to the opinions and criticism of others. So in your desire to “free” yourself from the pain of failure, you assume that the only way to liberate yourself is to become a perfectionist.

Here are some of the root causes of perfectionism:

1. Fear of failure.
2. Fear of making mistakes.
3. Fear of disapproval.
4. Over-emphasis on “should” and “must”.


Here are some tips to overcome perfectionism:


1. Set Realistic goals based on your own wants and needs and on what you have accomplished in the past.
2. Savor Modest improvements. Learn to enjoy the small victories.
3. Face your fears.  What is the worst thing that could happen?
4. Learn from your mistakes. Avoid the victim attitude (Why me?), instead ask yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?
5. Change your mindset. See your goals as a way to develop your abilities and master new skills. It’s all a matter of where you put your focus.
6. Focus on balance. You do not have to go the other extreme where you become careless. Valid criticism has its place.
7 Ask empowering questions. Ask yourself positive affirmative questions.

 ”A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new” Albert Einstein

If you need to be perfect at something, become a perfect experiencer.  Learn from all of the experiences life provides. We can learn from our failures and improve, it is all in our mindset.

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