Shop Small on Small Business Saturday!

     Hello, everyone! We are sorry for our long period of not posting! We have been very busy getting ready our business launch and, we are proud to announce, we are officially open for business! But today is not only about us, but about the thousands of small businesses out there! 

     “Small Business Saturday” is a fairly new holiday that was first celebrated on November 27, 2010. As many of you know, Black Friday was celebrated today and Cyber Monday will be celebrated on Monday! Because of this, people are so focused on the big business’ deals that small businesses are often left in the shadows and have a tough time turning a profit! So, American Express created a day dedicated to small businesses in order to help these small businesses to thrive! Here are some of the ways that supporting small businesses can help you and help your community!

  • For every one dollar spent, about $.66 will stay in the community.
  • Local businesses are more likely to shop at other small businesses and will help your community thrive!
  • Small businesses employ over 75 million Americans and accounted for approximately 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.
  • And many more!

     Now that you know how small businesses can affect your community, we want to inform you on ways that you can support your local small businesses this Small Business Saturday and every day!

  • Eat at local restaurants!
  • Purchase a birthday present at a local gift shop or a gift certificate from a local restaurant.
  • Join a local gym.
  • Visit a local nursery or hardware store for your lawn and garden needs.
  • Get your car serviced at a local mechanic.
  • Visit a local “trade-days” or a farmer’s market.
  • Visit a local garage sale.
  •  Visit a local place of recreation.
  • Write a good review for a local small business.
  • Recommend your favorite local business to a friend!
  • Get creative with ways you can support local!

     We, at Coin Counselor, would like to publicly appreciate all of the small business owners out there! It is not an easy task to perform! There are lot of long hours that are often unpaid, lots of meetings, and a lot of fear and anxiety. Especially around the holiday season! Thank you so much for being the backbone of the United States’ economy! You can count on our support during this Small Business Saturday!

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