bad time management
Bad time management habits can be broken. Many of them came with us as part of our training or lack thereof. Other bad time management habits come from our surroundings. One of our biggest challenges is how easy it is to waste time. We are bombarded by distractions all day long. You have a plan of action, you have challenges and pressures and to top it off you have emails, co-workers, Facebook and plenty of opportunities to get distracted and pulled away from your original plan. The key to your success is to master the distractions so the distractions don’t control you.

If you are suffering from bad time management habits, you need to do two things:


1.    Become aware of the bad habits that are wasting your time, and
2.    Replace them with better habits.

One of the best ways to identify bad habits and inefficient processes is to use a time log to analyze the way you use your time right now. Most people are surprised by how much time they waste on low value activities. Keep your time log for one week and see the results. This will help you become more aware of your time leaks and time wasters.

Here are some simple time management tips on improving your time management skills:

1.    Keep it simple. You do not have to do it like anybody else. What is important is that you focus on improving your time management skills. Make it your own.
2.    You don’t have to do it all. While it is important to deliver to our clients’ products and services that meet their needs. It should not be done at the expense your health, family and relationship with our Creator.
3.    Focus on a single task. Try to focus on a single project for a block of time. Switching your focus too often (multitasking) is an inefficient way to work. Stay focused on
your top priorities and on what really matters most.
4.    Limit your socializing. It is among the biggest time wasting activities. There is a proper time to socialize and it is not when you have to be at your peak and focused. Collaboration is not socializing, so it should be confused or limited. Collaboration over work matters is geared towards the accomplishment of our goals.
5.    Reduce time spent with emails. This can turn out to be another black hole for many entrepreneurs. While it is important that you answer emails and keep in contacts with clients and potential clients who need your attention; your tasks of your workday must always take precedence over answering emails. I suggest that you set up specific times blocks of the day to check and respond emails.

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