There is a price that all of us must pay to achieve success. Everything in life has a price. If you want to harvest you must plant. If you want to achieve success, you must work for it. One of the biggest problems we have in our modern society is that people want success “The Lazy Way”. It was not like that at the beginning of the formation of this country. If you did not work, you did not eat. A transformation, slowly but surely, creeped into our society and robbed us from our freedom.

People want success, or at least they say they do, but they are not willing to work for it. They want to harvest without planting. They want success without making changes to their lives and the habits that have consistently led them to failure, headaches, pain and suffering. They want to achieve success the cheap way, without investing, cheating, looking to achieve it without moving a muscle. Worst of all, they want it without accepting the increased level of responsibility that accompanies success.


“As a dog that returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.” Proverbs 26:11


Unfortunately, unless we are willing to accept the price and responsibility of success we are destined to return to mediocrity and failure. Just like Proverbs 26:11 says “just like the dog returns to its own vomit, so the fool returns [repeats] its foolishness.”


“And also every man that eats and drinks, and sees good in his labor, it is the gift of Elohim.” Eccl. 3:13


There was a promise when this country was founded; the “pursuit of happiness”. Our ability to reap from our labor; to develop value for our lives, others, and our Creator. It was not about money, fame, or power. Those are just measures of earned success. Success can be achieved from your career, your friendships, your community, and your family. Regardless of the origin of your success, you must earn it through hard work and merit to be meaningful and long-lasting.


When your success is achieved through YOUR labor and YOUR personal achievement, YOU create satisfaction which cannot be duplicated.

The only system that fosters this is free enterprise and not a system of government entitlement programs. In the free enterprise system, we define success. In a system of government intervention, they define success and how much of the harvest you get to keep. A system of bailout or state subsidy creates bottom feeders, parasites, vermin, vultures, and lazy people expecting the government and others to feed them.

I would like to hear about your views on success and the current state of this country.