One of the greatest discoveries of modern times is the power of thoughts. One of the strongest power you posses is the power of thoughts. You become what you think about the most. Those predominant thoughts influence your behavior and perception which will in the end control your actions and reactions.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. – Proverbs 23:7



Achievements in Life


All practical achievement and success in life has been achieved through the control of the power of thoughts. If you learn this powerful exercise, it will change your life. Remember that power of thoughts will create your reality. Your perception of the physical was formed in the invisible inner world of your thoughts. One of the laws in life is the law of cause and effect. Therefore, the conditions and circumstances of your life now (effect) is the result of the accumulation of your thoughts and beliefs (cause). This cause and effect law applies to every aspect of your life. Brian Tracy, in his book “The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” calls it “The iron law of human destiny”.


First Effort of the Mind; Casual Judgement


What we experience the most in our lives can be classified as “Causal Judgment”. For example, the very first conclusion that you form concerning any sensation that reaches you is that something produced it, though you may not be very clear as to just what that something is. The first effort of every human mind upon the receipt and perception of a sensation is to find out what produced it. The conclusion as to what did produce any particular sensation is plainly a judgment, and since it is a judgment determining the cause of the sensation, it may well be termed a causal judgment.

Causal judgments, taken by themselves are indefinite, not clear. They do not go much beyond deciding that each individual sensation has a cause, and is not the result of chance on the one hand nor of spontaneous brain excitement on the other. Taken by themselves, causal judgments are disconnected and all but meaningless.


Elements that Make Up an Idea


Taken by themselves, then, causal judgments fall far short of giving us that truthful account of the outside world which we feel that our senses can be depended on to convey. If our brains were limited to causal judgments, then every man’s mind would be the useless repository of a vast collection of facts, each literally true, but all without arrangement, association or use. Our notion of what the outside world is like would be very different from what it is. We would have no concrete “ideas” or conceptions, such as “house,” “book,” “table,” and so on. Instead, all our “thinking” would be merely an unsorted jumble of simple, disconnected sense-perceptions.


Power of Thoughts : The Secret of successful people


There are two factors that will determine what happens to you in life 1) what you think about and 2) how you think about it. Your thoughts create your current circumstances. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful person is what they do with the information, casual judgements, events that happen in their lives and how they process the accumulation of information. The successful person focuses on their goals (positive thinking), while the rest spend their time thinking about what they don’t want, what they don’t have, the unfairness of life, etc (negative thinking) and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again in their lives.


For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me – Job 3:25


While the successful person continues to move closer to their goals in life by focusing their thoughts on them. The rest of the people torment themselves by their perceptions, their fears, and by getting farther away from their goals by focusing their conversations and thoughts about their problems and worries.


Change your thinking and change your life


The way to change your current circumstances is not by focusing on what you don’t want, but in what you want; it is not by focusing on the “failure” but in the goal you want to achieve.

The power of positive thinking yields high ROI in the areas of personal growth and business management circles. However, many of the “personal development” gurus often use fuzzy or confusing language, or “mystical” explanations for the application of the process of the power of thoughts. It is simple, mental images shape the physical world.


The significant problems we face in life can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. – Albert Einstein



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1. All human achievement comes about through some form of bodily activity (action).

2. All action is caused, controlled and directed by the mind.

3. The mind is the instrument you must employ for the accomplishment of any purpose.